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Maintenance & Bulk SMS


Computers are expensive, and you may have invested so much money in making such purchases, you probably would not want to lose such investment that is why regular maintenance is necessary to keep your computer healthy and in good working order.

We can help in regular maintenance of your computers by;

  • Keeping it physically clean Protecting it from malware
  • Backing up your important files.
  • Recovering deleted files from (Flash drives, Formatted Hard disk, etc)
  • Installation of Operating Systems and Application Software’s
  • Repair of Desktop Computers


What would you like to;

  • Send message to unlimited number of recipients,
  • Send unlimited number of characters and pages,
  • Get rid of the advert,
  • View your sent messages,
  • Schedule messages for future delivery,
  • Store contacts online for future use,
  • Get Mobile Applications for Sending Bulk SMS?







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